Tool totes of note

Say goodbye to the old red box; these new toolboxes are stylish, comfortable and make organizing a breeze

By Jill Buchner

Tool tote

Photo by Felix Wedgwood

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Tell your old red toolbox to make way for its replacement. These new cushier, soft tool holders are just as durable as the one you’re used to but bring comfort, organization and style that your old box knew nothing about.

Meet your old-fashioned toolbox with a new flair. The Stanley FatMax 18″ open-tote tool bag (above) has the old rigid steel structure, but with comfort grips, straps and loops to add a little extra embellishment to that rugged exterior. $40,






It may look small, but the Benchmark bag has room for a surprising number of tools. With 25 pockets and a hidden-away tray for your nuts, bolts and screws, you’ll find a spot for all the essentials, and then some. $26,





It’s time to upgrade from that old plastic bucket you’ve been carrying your tools around in. Luckily, Jobmate makes this 54-pocket bucket wrap so you can get organized without doing away with the bucket entirely. $10,






This Kuny’s Large Bigmouth bag is for DIYers who don’t like to leave home without their portable power tools. The Bigmouth’s jaws stretch to 16″ x 18 1/2″, leaving a lot of room for all your gadgets–plus plenty of side pockets for accessories, too. $20,





It may not be your cushiony recliner, but this tool holder does let you take a load off your feet. This Mastercraft folding chair bag doubles as a tool holder and portable seat. And if it’s a good enough place to rest your tools, it’s a good enough place to rest yourself. $60,

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