Tool review – seven-bit screwdriver

This seven-bit screwdriver won't let you lose the bits

By Todd Mounsey


Photo by Canadian Tire

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The Picquic Sixpac Plus is a great addition to your toolbox, even if it’s already crowded. This multi-bit screwdriver provides you with a good selection of seven bits, including #1, #2 and #3 Robertson bits, as well as #1 and #2 Phillips and two slot drivers. The screwdriver has a full-size handle that feels very solid and a grip that I find quite comfortable.

The Sixpac’s innovation is that the bits are easy to change and hard to lose. You must use the free bit to push out the bit you need, which then locks the old bit in place. It would be difficult to remove more than one bit at a time. The bits are three inches long and, because of their length, they’re comfortable to use. There are no bits rattling around when you’re using the driver.

The shaft of the driver includes a high-strength magnet that grabs the bits so they screw quite securely. The shaft is embedded about two inches into the handle, providing the user with a good solid feel. It’s also strong enough to allow for some prying resistance without it feeling like the shaft will snap. Picquic has also provided a 7/16″ hex wrench portion to the shaft of the driver, so if you’re looking for that little extra leverage, you can use a 7/16″ wrench to assist you instead of a pair of channel-lock pliers, which might damage the grip of the driver.

All in all, it’s a solid, comfortable screwdriver that costs around $17 for the full-size Sixpac Plus and $15 for the Stubby version (great for tight spaces). For more information, you can call the company at 877-999-7697 or visit the Web site at

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