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Tool totes of note

Tell your old red toolbox to make way for its replacement. These new cushier, soft tool holders are just as durable as the one you’re used to but bring comfort, organization and style that your old box knew nothing about. Meet...

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Find the right finish to make your project shine

It is hard to choose from the veritable rainbow of wood-stain colours and hues. But, before you even begin to think about the hues to use, you have to navigate your way through the many colouring agents first to get the perfect...

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Ladders that extend their reach

When do-it-yourselfers need a boost, not just any old ladder will do. Luckily, with all different shapes and sizes to choose from, DIYers can find the right ladder for any job. 1. The Eagle aluminum extension ladder pulls out to...

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How do you heat your home?

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