Tool review – 2-in-1 pliers

These pliers are a great multitool



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While possibly dating my-self, I remember when I was growing up it seemed like every kid in the neighbourhood sported a pair of fancy toy six-shooters and knew how to flip ’em in and out of the holster-shades of Gunsmoke or Bonanza. Benchmark’s Flip ‘n’ Grip pliers brought instant recall. As the name suggests, they do indeed flip easily end-over-end in one hand, becoming either flat-nose or long-nose pliers.

Their rubber-coated, asymmetrical, curved handles nestle nicely between palm and fingers. Flip ‘n’ Grip is spring-loaded, so unlike many pliers, it lifts open gently to re-grip the wire, nut or what have you in those oft-repetitive moves. A nifty gimmick? Yes, but it works, and on occasion one needs the two tools for a task. As well, it saves a little space in the toolbox and belt.

The jaw faces on the needle-nose side pinch nice and flat, have 12- and 16-gauge wire strippers and a wire cutter that works. Thanks to these, I have newly wired grow lights in the greenhouse. The jaws on the flat-nose side were hard and sharp enough to turn 1/4″ dowel screws into the bases of a slew of tough old walnut newel posts-a stair and railing

project-without damaging either tool or threads. As well, every tool I own must serve as a hammer in a pinch, and they passed that test too.

Flip ‘n’ Grip is a tool I’ll use again for handyman chores. It’s available at a cost of $14 at Home Hardware stores.

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