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Oscillating Multi-Tool Test in the Works

By Matthew Pioro September 10th, 2009

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Here’s a sneak peek at something that will appear in an upcoming issue: a test of oscillating multi-tools. The machines getting put through their paces are the Fein Multimaster, the Bosch PS50, the Dremel Multi-Max, the Rockwell SoniCrafter and the King oscillating multi-tool. Recently, two of our testers, Ryan Shervill and Gary Walchuk, met at Ryan’s shop to see how the tools performed. Here are a few of their comments.

Ryan on changing attachments:

With the exception of the Fein, attachment changes on all the tools require the use of a hex key. The Fein features the fastest changes with its single-lever tool-less change system.

Gary on design:

My favourite tool to hold is the Bosch as the smaller barrel and lack of a power cord make it easy to manoeuvre. Also, the Bosch is one of the only tools that lends itself to two-handed use for more control.

Our testers Ryan Shervill and Gary Walchuk strike a pose


To read the full review, look for the November issue of Canadian Home Workshop, which will be out in late October.

Gary and Ryan kick some tires


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