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House makeover, inside edition: Making messes

By Ryan Shervill September 1st, 2011

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OK, back at it. As I mentioned yesterday, the better part of today was all about pulling nails. The problem with T&G cedar is that when you pull it off of the walls, the finish nails stay in the wall…..and trust me, you want to make sure you get every single nail out or it will wreak havoc when you are trying to put your drywall up.

So my helper KJ arrived bright and early, and we went straight to work pulling the remaining insulation and the thousands of nails…..that burned an entire day.

And we made a HUGE mess (again)

But at the end of the day there was nail-free lumber

And once the mess was cleaned up, a happy pooch

Thanks for looking everybody. I’m off tomorrow, so the next update will be Friday PM.


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