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Unexpected setbacks

By Ryan Shervill September 8th, 2011

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Sorry for the delay folks….as always when it comes to a renovation, there was a little unexpected setback (I’ll explain in a bit)

OK….next step: Dealing with the single pane windows and HUGE patio door.

Installed in the 70’s, this massive expanse of glass lost vast amounts of heat in the winter, so they had to come out.

Removal is easy when you don’t have to save anything! A pry bar, sawzall and a driver are about as high tech as you need to go.

The glass was removed from the frames (both windows and door) and the frames unscrewed/cut out from their locations

And finally the new door was framed in and installed. (Sorry for the lack of pics, but trying to move a hundred pounds of door solo while taking pics is a bit of a challenge)

I’ll talk about that patio door a little more later, but I have to say: I was a little concerned that the whole “blinds inside the glass” thing was a bit of a gimmicky thing, but it turns out this is a really useful feature and a nice quality door. As much as I hate to admit it….Chantelle was right.

The surprise:

SO I got the patio door foamed in place, and my goal for the rest of the day was to turn this old man-door into wall space. You know….cut out the doorframe, frame in some new studs, re-sheet the outside. Easy…right?

It’s never…ever…easy. Door came out:

And a new problem to deal with rears it’s ugly head: Rot.


I started cutting out the rot and replacing the sill, rim joist and joists from the affected area, but ran out of time, so a temporary door was put up for the night. High-security housewrap


Thanks all, more tomorrow.

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