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DIY Network in Canada

By Matthew Pioro November 12th, 2009

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Almost 10 years after the DIY Network launched in the Untied States, the station for handy folks has made it to Canada. Now, just less than a month old, the DIY Network Canada (you know it’s Canadian because there’s a maple leaf dotting the ‘I’ in DIY) is bringing you shows that will help you with work around the house.

Five shows will be making their Canadian premieres on the network: Sweat Equity, Desperate Landscapes, Cool Tools, BATHtastic and Kitchen Impossible. Cool Tools catches my attention. In its first episode, the host, Chris Grundy, takes a look at the science behind duct tape. Science? More like magic.

I have a neat DIY Network hanging tool kit to give away. It comes with a flashlight, small pliers, sockets and a screwdriver with interchangeable bits. (Hmmm, no Robertson bit. I guess this is an import from the south.)

Chris Grundy of Cool Tools on the DIY Network Canada


I’ll give this kit to the first commenter who tells me the name of the DIY Network Canada’s sister station.


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