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Wayback Woodworking: A Retro Stereo Cabinet

By Matthew Pioro February 23rd, 2011

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Credit: John Rutledge











I often get a kick out digging through our old projects, and with 33-years worth of them, I often find some wondrous things. Some works leave me questioning the wisdom of previous woodworkers and others still look good.

This stereo cabinet does show its age a little, and it can’t blame the old equipment it’s holding. (And what’s with the turntable at the top? Aren’t most people too short to throw on a record 6€² from the ground?) Its lines present a retro futurism that is dated for some. I, however, love it and it makes me a bit nostalgic. Also, I’m a music geek with a mixer, turntable and stacks of records. I could see a cabinet such as this holding all that gear as well as my more contemporary music machines: a laptop and mp3 player.

The beat goes on.

Download the plans for this stereo cabinet in two parts: part 1 and part 2.

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