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Spring Cleaning the Great Outdoors

By Adrian Jones June 1st, 2011


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After enduring long winter months, and even some unseasonal spring weather, most Canadians are starting to venture outside for longer than it takes to walk to their car or take out the trash.

Save spring cleaning your basement or closets for those inevitable rainy days and use the improving weather to do a little tidying outside your house.

Create your own outside spring cleaning to-do list and get your al fresco living space ready for the (all-too-short) summer ahead.

Some to-do list ideas that go beyond mowing your lawn and cleaning your patio set:

-inspect your exterior for cracks in the foundation, rodent or insect homes

-power wash your deck and fence, and decide if this is this year you need to restain or seal them

-before you put the pressure washer away, attack dingy siding or brick to remove dirt and grime

-check your mower and other power equipment for any cleaning or maintenance needs

-if you’re feeling adventurous (please use all necessary safety precautions), get up on your roof and check for missing shingles or other problems

-check your driveway and sidewalks for any damage from the freeze/thaw cycle this past winter, saving not only your tires from damage but also saving someone walking to your home from a fall

-be prepared for the first scorcher and check your air conditioning unit and clean any debris around it

-inspect your barbecue for invading creatures who used it as a winter getaway and give the whole grill a once over to be sure connections are intact and rust hasn’t taken out the bottom. Also, fill up the propane

-And, of course, the dreaded gutter. Check and clear your gutters of debris. Also making sure you are directing the water properly away from your foundation

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