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Eliminate a step with a saw blade that sands as it cuts


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The new Final Cut saw blade has an unusual two-pronged approach to cutting wood. This blade has self-adhesive sandpaper on both of its sides, covering from near the arbor hole to just below the teeth. The idea is that you cut the wood and sand it at the same time. An interesting idea, but does it work?

I tried it for regular cross cuts as well as some longer rips. I wouldn’t want to joint or plane lumber imbedded with sanding grit, so that is something to keep in mind. However, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the results. The surfaces were very smooth and there wasn’t any burning at all, which I had expected.

As a fine-furniture builder, I’m not sure this blade would often be of use for my work. While I do sand parts before assembly, I’m very fussy about the sanding techniques, as well as where to sand and where not to. But for a home workshopper building an Adirondack chair or taking on general carpentry tasks, this blade could save hours of hand sanding, especially for painted surfaces. The Final Cut blade performed much better than I expected and offers a fine, time-saving option.

10″ Final Cut saw blade: $95. For more information, call 866-305-0219 or visit

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