Reader-submitted mystery tools 2010 revealed

Canadian Home Workshop's mystery tool team demystifies your submissions



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We called for your strange and weird tools, and you answered. Here are four implements that have come from the collections of Canadian Home Workshop readers:

Dowel Cutter
Use: Chucked in a brace and bit, this tool cuts dowels of various size
Era: 1870 to 1930
Submitted by: Michael Becker, Peachland, B.C.

Box Hammer
Use: The double claw makes prying open shipping crates easier
Era: Late 1800s to 1930s
Submitted by: Gerry Bengert, Burlington, Ont.

Hand Clamp
Use: Provides extra grip while metalworking
Era: Late 1800s
Submitted by: Robin and Sandi Reader, The Pas, Man.

Carpet Stretcher and Tacker
Use: Holds and fastens carpets in place
Era: Early 1900s
Submitted by: Moreland Lynn, Penetanguishene, Ont.

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