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Hendrik Varju’s Latest DVDs

By Matthew Pioro September 8th, 2009

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Master craftsman and regular CHW contributor Hendrik Varju has just released two new instructional woodworking DVDs. Both Working with Plywood and Wood Science & Design are available through Hendrik’s website, Passion for Wood.

Here’s a description from Hendrik:

Working with Plywood







Working with Plywood takes the viewer through a small plywood project step by step. It covers ripping and cross cutting panels, edge-banding techniques, stopped-dado joinery with notched corners on the permanent shelves, dowel joinery for cross rails and an entire glue-up filmed in real time. The stopped dado joinery is accomplished with an interesting jig used with a handheld router and the extensive bonus footage takes you through the building of that same jig one step at a time. This is a must-have video if you plan to build bookcases, entertainment units or even kitchen cabinets using plywood construction. There is more that 11 hours of private one-on-one instruction spread over five DVDs.

Wood Science and Design

Wood Science & Design is based on the premise that woodworkers spend far too much time focusing on joinery and other skills but barely any at all learning about wood movement properties that are important for the long term survival of projects. This six-hour, three-DVD box set gives a deep understanding of wood and its properties, including growth ring orientation, rays, moisture content, calculating wood movement, humidity control in your workshop, designing around wood movement issues and much more. The bonus footage involves a closer look at many of the author’s furniture designs as he explains the wood movement issues involved with each.

For video clips from each DVD, go here and here. To buy: here and here.

Congratulations on the new discs Hendrik!


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