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Contest: The Handiest Places in Canada

By Matthew Pioro November 27th, 2009

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The Winter 2010 issue of CHW should be in your hands soon (sooner for subscribers). And when do you get the issue, you will see this map of Canada with some of the handiest places in the country. Biscuit Point, Drill Lake, Hammer Cove–the names just ooze DIY.

Out of this map, I would like to propose a contest: tell me, in the comments section of this post, what the No. 1 handiest place is Canada is. (Don’t say Drill Lake just because it’s No. 1 on the map. That doesn’t count.) In 50 words or less, make the argument for one of the places above or one that is not included here. Be honest or be witty or both. I’ll chose the winner, who will get a Milwaukee M12 copper tubing cutter worth $225.


So, what’s the handiest spot in Canada?

[Disclaimer: Contest only open to folks with a Canadian mailing address. Apologies international readers.]


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