Winning workbenches

The centrepiece for any workshop is the bench. Whether it’s an old door resting on its side, the surface cluttered with every tool you own, or a Mission-style beauty, the workbench is the spot you get things done. If you are looking for a new table for your shop, here are three to consider.

The classy 76″ x 26″ Veritas workbench, shown above with cast-iron legs, has a top made of two laminated maple slabs and a birch plywood centre trough. The vise has a chain drive that keeps the jaws parallel; however, the outer jaw can be skewed for irregular pieces. It’s all in the details. $1,250,


General’s new 54″ x 21″ bench is topped with 1″-thick laminated birch. The front and side vises are matched with dog holes on the bench for your clamping needs. The hardwood support frame has a built-in shelf for storage.$350,



For something exotic, the Sjoberg Duo Workbench from Sweden is made completely from European beech. The two vises have a variety of positions: from the standard arrangement to the reversed (for lefties) and end-to-end placement. So modular. $680,



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