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Compact Garden Shed Plans

                    Are you still without a project for the Victoria Day long weekend? For many, this weekend marks the start of the outdoor woodworking season. If you are looking for some inspiration, here’s an...

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Hot Rod NX60

Some of you have the May/June 2009 issue and some of you are still watching your mailboxes. When that new issue comes in, turn to page 8. Ryan Shervill takes a few block planes for a test drive. Also take note of the art at the top of the article. The racing-car Veritas NX60...

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Do You Have Wood Allergies?

              Are you allergic to certain species of wood? If you are, I’d like to hear about it. You see, CHW is working on an article on wood allergies, and we’d like to include your experiences. How do you react to certain...

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Who Steals from Habitat for Humanity?

Early yesterday morning, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore at  29 Bermondsey Road in Toronto was broken into.  On his Twitter feed, CEO Neil Hetherington writes: Not sure why, but someone broken into the Habitat ReStore yesterday. The organization lost about $10,000!!...

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A Rash of Defective Stud Finders

Our nation is now plagued with thousands of defective stud finders. Roughly 18, 500 Stanley Stud Sensor 200s and Stanley FatMax Stud Sensor 400s have been recalled.               The reason for the recall? The Government of Canada —...

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New Stanley Screwdrivers

                    Two new Stanley screwdrivers are now in my hands. The FatMax ratcheting multi-bit screwdriver, which comes with six bits, has a three-position ratchet that can ease the strain on your wrists. The...

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ToolGirl in New York

Recently, our favourite handywoman, Mag Ruffman, went shopping in the Big Apple…for tools of course. On a recent trip to Manhattan, Ms. Ruffman, 52, shopped for a nephew who had just moved into a Brooklyn apartment. At Home Depot in Chelsea, she perused the hand tools and...

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Bandsaw Magic

Reader Don just sent me the following video. It’s impressive for two reasons: Buddy has all of his fingers. Well, you’ll have to watch the clip, won’t you?  

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ecoENERGY Program Expanded

You might have thought the federal government was done trying to encourage you to work around the house. Today, the Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Natural Resources, announced that grants under the ecoENERGY–Retrofit Homes program will increase by 25 per cent. As regular...

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Drywall Tips

Drywall, it’s fussy and it’s dusty, but your rooms won’t have walls without those gypsum-and-paper sandwiches fastened to the framework. If you are feeling daunted by the hanging, fastening, taping, mudding and sanding you have to do, fear not. There are plenty of resources...

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