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5 weekend projects to get ready for spring

Spring will be here soon! Make sure your home and yard are ready for the season with these projects that you can complete in one or two days.

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Get organized: 20 tips for creating a more efficient workshop

Of the hundreds of questions our readers send to us each year, most of them involve shop layout, organization and dependable tips from our panel of experts. Where is the best place for my tablesaw? How can I organize all the...

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What’s new with the March 2013 issue of Canadian Home Workshop

In the March issue of Canadian Home Workshop: Features Get organized: 20 tips for creating a more efficient workshopTablesaw dos and don'ts: Avoid these common tablesaw safety hazardsIt all ads up: Three money-saving installs to...

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The evolution of the workshop

There’s no question that tools have evolved a lot in the 35 years since Canadian Home Workshop’s first issue. The average workshopper of today has access to a broader array of tools that are more powerful and easier to use...

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Hot tools 2013

The hottest new tool for the shop in the early 1980s was probably a power bar so you could have many power tools plugged in at once—not to mention the wizardry of the (gasp!) surge protector. Fast-forward to today and you’ll...

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Last-minute gift projects

There's still enough time before Christmas to craft the perfect gift. Make one of these projects to cross those last names off your list.

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Winter weekend DIY projects

Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean the works stops. Here are a few weekend DIY projects to keep you busy and productive through the winter months.

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