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Quickfix: Driveway light

What can you really say about the need for outdoor lighting? I mean, it's a pretty basic concept: if you've got a spot that's in dark that you want a illuminated, put in a light. It's not the kind of idea that needs 500 words of...

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Put up a tin ceiling

The whole concept of covering walls and ceilings with metal originated in mid-19th century North America, when peopl

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Freeze-proof your tap

When I was a kid, I built a hockey rink in my backyard. It was a pretty cool rink, too, if I may say; floodlights, boards, the whole bit. Well, not boards exactly; more like tall snowbanks coated with water so they'd freeze up and...

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10 rules of rooftop de-icing

Winter's here, and if your house is plagued by the tyranny of ice dams, there are ways to prevent it from happening each year. While it's better to do this while it's still warm so there's no ice and snow to contend with while...

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Refurbish your windows for energy efficiency

Homeowners today are constantly bombarded with the message that their old windows are a huge liability when it comes to energy efficiency. The notion that you should just rip them out and put in new ones is reinforced by the often...

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Build attic stairs

Attics are famous for two things, in my experience. One is in-home lodging for ghosts, and the other is storage of long-forgotten possessions. As the first one stops mattering once you're past the age of 10, these folding attic...

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How do you heat your home?

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