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Build a Mission bed

This bed is no flimsy featherweight. It’s inspired by a robust furniture style created by William Morris, a designer and social reformer active around the turn of the century. If furniture had a gender, Morris’s legacy would...

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King 12″ sliding mitre saw

King's new entry into the 12" sliding mitre saw category has all the right specs: 15-amp power; mitre bevel settings from 0° to 45°, both left and right; cross cutting capacity of up to 4 1/8" thick and 13 3/8" wide; and the...

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Tool review: The MJ splitter

If you're still operating a tablesaw without some form of stock splitter, stop everything. You may have already experienced that scary phenomenon known as “kickback.” Now all you need is $25 and about a half-hour to install an...

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Easy-to-make photo frames

These easy-to-build stocky self-supporting frames convert your shop scraps into attractive home decorations in a matter of a few hours. The listed part sizes are simply suggestions-you can make yours thinner or thicker as you see...

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How do you heat your home?

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