Find a new home for old tools

Make a resolution to donate some of your gently used machines to charity

By Tara Nolan

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If your toolbox and workshop shelves are brimming over with unused doubles and triples, consider finding some of your tools a new home. Instead of drafting the perfect Craigslist ad, see if there are any local organizations that are collecting tool donations for local or global initiatives. Before you back up your truck to the charity of your choice, make sure they’ll accept what you have to offer. For example, Habitat for Humanity does not accept used ladders for safety reasons.

Below are a few well-known places that accept donations.

Habitat For Humanity
Donations are accepted for use on build sites and also to sell at ReStores, where volunteers carefully test and inspect the tools before they’re put on the floor.

KMS Tools and Equipment Ltd.
Western Canada-based KMS Tools partners with international aid organizations as part of its ongoing Tools for the World campaign. All 11 locations accept donations, from construction and carpentry to plumbing tools. If KMS can’t donate your tools, it will sell them and donate 100 per cent of the profits to the program.

Tools for Self-Reliance
This U.K.-based organization accepts only monetary donations from Canada, but the Tools for Self-Reliance website offers a great guide to refurbishing your tools.

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