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All woodworkers have their favourite measuring tools, but there’s more than one way to check a dimension. These are the precision devices you’ll reach for again and again whenever a tape measure is too cumbersome. To determine the thickness of stock, the size of project parts or to set blade and bit projections, use a caliper or a stainless-steel rule. Transfer an angle without caring what the degree is with a sliding T-bevel, or mark an exact value with a square. Pull out your tri-square to check machine set-up. You can duplicate a measurement without knowing the exact number by using a divider or compass (which can also scribe a circle or arc). And for measuring inside cabinets or other cramped spaces, unfold the extension rule, complete with a slide extension that can add another six inches or-in a pinch-even double as a depth gauge.

1. 6″ Digital Electronic Caliper, Empire Level, $88

2. 6″ Pocket Ruler, Empire Level, $3

3. 8″ Solid Hardwood T-Bevel, Stanley, $20

4. Pencil Compass, Lee Valley, $42

5. Maximum Tri-Square, Mastercraft, $20

6. 8′ Red End Extension Ruler, Lufkin, $35

7. 6″ Carpenter’s Divider, Starrett, $98

8. Speed Square, Swanson, $11


measuring materials


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