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CHW Show 09: Master’s Workshop

By February 23rd, 2009

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The last few weeks, we’ve been getting into high gear for the Canadian Home Workshop Show, now only four days away! As always, we’re excited about all the great stuff going on over the weekend.

One feature that I’m definitely going to check out is the Master’s Workshop, in which our very own Ryan Shervill will build a beautiful stowaway tool chest. The project is made from walnut, hard maple, African blackwood and bird’s eye maple donated by Century Mill Lumber. At the show, Ryan will build this project and happily answer your questions regarding tools and techniques.



A SketchUp drawing of Ryan Shervill's Habitat Chest


In preparation for the the Master’s Workshop, Ryan has built a version of the chest that will be on display. He has shared his experience creating the project online: check out the updates from Ryan’s shop that he has posted in our forum. But the woodworker’s generosity doesn’t stop with all this information; Ryan is donating the chest to a draw, the proceeds of which will go to Habitat for Humanity. And there’s more, Ryan has collected tools–such as planes, chisels, marking knives–donated by VeritasDowelMax and others. Not only will the winner of the draw get the chest, but thousands of dollars worth of tools.

You lucky showgoers; I wish CHW employees could enter that draw. Still, I know it will be exciting to watch Ryan build and to learn from him as he goes.


Here’s a look at the finished product, which Ryan completed early in morning on Feb. 24:

Habitat Chest with tools



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