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SawStop Demonstration

By February 27th, 2009

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“You going to use your finger?” asked Jodi, CHW’s managing editor.

“No,” said Pat Cassilly from SawStop. “Would you point a Smith and Wesson at your foot to test the safety?”

“Uh, no.”

Pat, who would be demonstrating the SawStop in a few minutes to a small crowd of showgoers, had a very good point. I brought up the guy who actually did test the saw’s safety mechanism with his own digit.

“Yeah,” Pat said. “That’s my boss.”

So, for all the doubters out there: the SawStop works as it’s shown to in the videos you see online. Pat bought a sausage from a nearby booth. (Yes, you can get sausage here at the show, too. How awesome is that?) He started up the machine, brought the sausage to the blade and BAM: the blade disappeared into the tablesaw. There was barely a nick on the wiener.

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