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Drywall Tips

By March 27th, 2009

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Drywall, it’s fussy and it’s dusty, but your rooms won’t have walls without those gypsum-and-paper sandwiches fastened to the framework. If you are feeling daunted by the hanging, fastening, taping, mudding and sanding you have to do, fear not. There are plenty of resources out there for you.

The right tools are key. Our own DIY expert, Michel Roy, says, “There’s nothing like a stainless-steel corner trowel for making crisp inside corners. A surform-type plane, normally used for auto-body compound, is great for trimming a tiny smidgen off an oversize piece of drywall.” He also has tested some innovative products that can help you with your project by raising sheets up and keeping dust down.

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For a good introduction to the art of drywalling, The Washington Post (of all places) has a good primer. For a little more on the how-to side, Hometime has text and video instruction. Tim Carter over at Ask the Builder, also has some good videos that cover applying joint compound and finishingCHWcontributing editor Barb Siddiqui recommends the drywall tips collected at WoodCentral.

As for tips, here are some more bits of wisdom from Michel:

“Ready-mixed mud is convenient, but setting compound is stronger and faster. To mix it effectively, invest in a powerful 1/2€³ spade-handled drill (under $150).”

“To distinguish one coat of mud from another, when nearing the finishing stage, some installers like to add a little blue line chalk to the mud. That way you won’t miss a spot you have to sand.

“Don’t recycle your empty cat litter buckets until you’ve used them a few times for mud.”

What are some of your drywall tips? Let us know in the comments section.


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