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CHW on Manitoulin Island

By Matthew Pioro June 16th, 2009

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I had the best commute to work this morning. Steve Maxwell, CHW’s technical editor, towed the whole CHW crew through the woods using his 56-year-old tractor. The destination was a gorgeous piece of shore on Lake Huron. And this was for work: we shot a project that will be appearing in an issue of CHW next year.

This visit to Manitoulin Island is a yearly working retreat for us at the magazine. It gives us time to work closely with Steve in his amazing shop and beautiful house.




Steve Maxwell's tractor took the CHW crew to this beautiful location on Lake Huron.


Photographer Roger Yip gets a shot of Steve and his custom electric shingle lift.

Editor Douglas Thomson hard at work in Steve's shop and Roger hard at work outside.

Our neighbour.

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